Our Mission

We fight the digital divide

The digital divide is a global phenomenon that divides people into those who have a digital education and perspective, and those who find it very difficult without the necessary skills in the digital world.

About the foundation
Our Future

We invest in the future of our country

Native digital skills are the key to high productivity and competitiveness.

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Equal education rights

We protect children’s right for equal educational opportunities

According to the constitution, all citizens have the right to a decent education and access to knowledge. We strive to comply with the requirements of the constitution.

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Free knowledge access

We protect the right of every child to freely receive information and knowledge

The development of each child is directly related to the receipt of information and our task is to provide all the necessary tools for this.

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Joy to be online

We give children the joy of being online

Socialization and communication with peers are important factors in the development and acquisition of the necessary skills.

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Army communications

We provide troops with means of communication during the war!

A modern military conflict is, first of all, a fast and reliable exchange of information. We help the Armed Forces by providing the necessary equipment.

About the foundation
lives changed

We opened and start working during the war


We are working on expanding this list.

Private donations

We are actively increasing a database of donors

device year plan

For the first year during the war, we think it’s a good start…

Changed the fate of children

About the organization

What are we doing

Charity organization “Mozhlivist Ye” (The opportunity)

aims to combat digital inequality and provide children from low-income families with computer equipment.

We know how difficult it is to adapt a child in a society without digital skills, and we will gradually move towards the indicator of 100% of Ukrainian children with a computer and a smartphone.

How do we plan to achieve our goals?

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Who do we help

Children of parents who cannot overcome poverty

Children who found themselves in difficult living conditions

Boarding schools

Rural schools

Children who lost parents because of the war

If you need our help. Just download, fill in and send us a questionnaire.

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Our partners

Already working with us

An average Ukrainian spends 4.5 hours in front of a monitor daily
In Ukraine, 12.4% of children do not have access to digital devices, while in the EU it is less than 4%
Computer skills are an absolute must, they are no longer posted in vacancies
The largest shortage of digital technology in single-parent families with above two children – 32.7%

Our partners about us

Oleksiy Zaionchkovskyy
Foundation CTO

“Without a quality education for children, we will not be able to build a prosperous country”

Our clients about us

Girls from Shunki village. Khmelnitska oblast.

Sincerely and endlessly grateful to you for such a huge help! For us, the computer was an impossible dream that was so far away. It helps us a lot with our studies. The girls are infinitely grateful for making their dreams come true! – Vasilina

Granddaughters from Sumy

The big thank You for giving an opportunity to learn for granddaughters! – Valentina

Big family from Ribalske village. Odeska oblast.

Knowledge is more reachable if there is an opportunity! – Olena

Caring mother from Triduby village. Mykolaiv oblast.

The fact that a child can’t attend online classes drove me to hysterics. You are a real guardian angel for our family. The issue with remote study has been resolved. – Hanna

Special gift to learn more for a family in Sumy

The big THANK YOU! – Hanna